6 Top Foods that Help Relieve Hemroids

Published: 14th August 2007
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To eliminate or to prevent constipation, you should take lot of vegetables and raw fruits. This is the exact diet for curing or preventing even hemroids.

If your food does not contain fiber in more quantities, make sure to add it and gradually increase it, particularly by adding bran. You can increase the quantity of bran and bran related cereals as weeks go by.

For free addition of fiber, you can add more of vegetables and fruits in your diet. However, you can be prone to gas for one or two weeks, as your stomach will not have been used to such a diet.

Below is the list of foods that you can start with to help relieve hemroids.

1. Juices

For hemroids, juices are appropriate, particularly the combination of dark berries such as blueberries, cherries and blackberries, and apples in equal proportion.

The "proanthocyanidins" and "anthocyanins" are the main ingredients of these berries. These ingredients have the capacity to reduce the swelling and pain by soothing and increasing the strength of hemorrhoidal veins.

You should consume this juice at least once every day.

2. Red and Black Currant Berries

Currants are rich sources of rutin, minerals and vitamin C, and therefore, help in eliminating hemroids. Small amount of fatty acid, GLA is also present in them. This GLA produces prostaglandin for controlling body pain.

Drinking 2 glasses of black or red currant berries juice is good for hemroids.

3. Iron foods

Below is the list of foods containing iron for building up your blood or for keeping it in reserve, so that your body can use it whenever it needs.

Dried apricots, Sunflower seeds, Chicken liver, Kelp, steamed crab, Prunes, Pistachios, Dried apricots, sesame seeds, almonds, Cashews, Cooked Swiss chard, Baked potatoes, Tuna, Cooked broccoli, Raisins and so on are some of the iron-rich foods.

4. Cantaloupe

One of the richest foods that you can consume is, cantaloupes, which are rich source of minerals and vitamins. With high levels of beta-carotene, it has property of anti-clogging which helps relieve hemroids.

5. Ginger, Garlic, and Onion

Including these three herbs in your diet helps you in breaking down the fibrin, which is a natural matter for helping in repairing the tissue break, arteries or organs wear and tear. However, it is possible that your system may react highly and deposit fibrin in large quantities. This will cause inflammation in your arteries and particularly in hemorrhoid area.

6. Oils

It is recommended to use flax seed oil, apple cider, olive oil and vinegar in your salads during each meal you take. Flax seed and olive oil can be used in soups or other appropriate food items, or you can take fish oil capsule at the completion of your meal, as it is considered to be must for everyday usage. You can get more information about this oil in the newsletter regarding this nutrient.

You can consume the following items for reducing bleeding in hemroids:

• Dark green leafy vegetables

• Alfalfa

• Flax seeds - These have high fiber content and also omega-3 oils that help in reducing pain and inflammation.

• Butter beans and Lima are rich source of iron that helps in building more blood. In case, you have bleeding in hemroids, you can include lima beans in your diet, as it is really wonderful healing for bleeding hemroids.

• Blackstrap molasses

There are lots of remedies for giving you temporary hemroid relief by reducing the bleeding, swelling, and eliminating the itching. Further, it can cure or avoid hemroids you just need to try them.

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